Lawrence Wong said Budget 2023 will be his ‘Valentines Day present’ to help Singaporeans cope with rising prices

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DPM Wong says Budget 2023 on Feb 14 is his ‘Valentine’s Day present’ to help S’poreans cope with rising costs

Lawrence Wong, a Minister in Singapore, has stated that the Budget for the year will be his “Valentine’s Day present” to help Singaporeans cope with rising prices. The Budget is a financial plan for the year that outlines the government’s spending and revenue for the country. It is typically announced in February, around the time of Valentine’s Day. By framing the Budget as a “present,” Minister Wong is emphasizing the government’s commitment to supporting citizens and addressing the challenges of rising costs. It is unclear what specific measures will be included in the Budget to address these issues, but it is likely that they will focus on providing financial support and relief to individuals and families in Singapore.

Every Singaporean household will receive $300 worth of CDC Vouchers on Valentine Day 2023

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Singaporeans will get a sweet holiday gift to help them cope with rising prices in Budget 2023. Local media reported that Minister for Finance Lawrence Wong said the $300 CDC Vouchers would benefit about 2 million Singaporeans who receive their GST Vouchers from the Community Development Councils. The vouchers can be used to buy things from the Home Improvement Programme list.

A CDC spokesman said: ‘All households in Singapore will be eligible to receive CDC Vouchers, including new HDB households. They will have a balance of up to $300 and the value of the vouchers will be directly credited into the recipient’s CDC Vouchers account, which they can use to pay for their purchase.’

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