Promise Day 11 Feb

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When the valentine week is going to end there comes a day of showing your loyalty sincerity, a day of making promises to your loved ones. Promise day is celebrated on 11th of February. It comes after teddy day. Promise is a commitment a declaration with someone who is very dear to you

Promises means a lot in a relationship because it is one way of assurance that the relation is going to be long lasting. Love needs loyalty and a life time promise. The base of a relationship is trust because trust enhances the love and promise is the first step towards developing trust. People make different kinds of promises with each other. In a valentines day week promise day is of great importance because this is the only day when you show your allegiance, faithfulness, fealty, to your partner.

Promise day is not only for lovers any one can make a promise on promise day. There are many types of promises they may include a political promise, a wedding promise, a promise with your parents similarly it may b a religious promise when you make a promise with Allah Almighty to abide by the teachings of your religion etc.

As promise day is included in a valentine week so mostly lovers celebrate it in different ways. But promise day is not for making promises only but also to fulfill them because breaking promise means breaking trust and once trust is broken nothings left behind. It is better not to make promises rather than breaking them and hurting your loved ones because it hurts their expectations which they have build up in their mind from you. So one should make sure that make only those promises which you can fulfill with dedication and love.

The promise is the thing that attach the two souls of the persons. Its like they are going to trust you blindly as you just said the words “I promise”, these words will rule you and build the trust on other ones.

PROMISE DAY WhatsApp and Facebook status

1.Promise a lot and give even more. Happy Promise Day

2.I loved you from the beginning, I loved you up until now. I will love you forever & ever. This is my promise now.

3.People ask why it’s so hard to trust people. I ask why is it so hard to keep a promise.

4. On this promise day, I Promise, I’ll be there to hold your hand, When Sorrows come and troubles land.”


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