Kick Day 16 Feb

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Kick day that is likely to happen 16th of the February a day after kiss day. And for this day we are going to tell you about the mentality of the people. And it’s like how? Everyone has it’s own nature and way of thinking. Sometimes people consider this day a bad day. Like it happens after the day of valentine’s day. The day when the love ones meet to each other and they fell in love each other after accepting the proposals. And some time the people just flirt on that day and 16 feb that is named as kick day is basically for that type of persons of flirt with their love ones on 14th Feb. but if they flirt with them then it’s not possible that they are their love ones. As it’s the natural that if you love someone, you will not only take care of them but you will also respect their feelings so by flirting with them and hurting with their feeling, which type of love we are showing.

kick day is thing that will be only understood to the true lovers, they always feel the feelings of their love ones and they respect it. And some have different way to show their love. Its like if you are in love with someone their feelings would be at peek for you and they should remember this thing that GOD has given them eyes just to look at you, given them hands just to pray for you and their relationship, mind has given to them to remember you and at last the legs are there for you that if you forget them they will kick you too, if they can do above three things just for you and then the last thing should be their right. kick day is very unique day in beautiful days of valentine.

Sometimes your love ones are not beside you, it doesn’t mean that they are not with you, they are behind you and if you do something wrong they will kick you on kick day.


1.Maybe once in awhile,you know, after a hard day of shooting or something like that, I’d kick back.

2.Once kick the world,and the world and you will live together at a reasonably good understanding.

3.Take things as they are. Punch when you have to punch. Kick when you have to kick.

4.KICK the shit out of option B.


kick day wallpaper

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